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Forecasting and Demand Planning Solutions

Forecasting and Demand Planning Solutions

Our Forecasting and Demand Planning Solution combines cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to deliver actionable insights and reliable forecasts for your clinical supplies.
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Optimizing Drug Supply Management for Efficient Clinical Trials

Efficient Clinical Trials
At SimpliCT, we offer comprehensive Forecasting and Demand Planning Solutions to ensure the smooth and efficient management of your clinical trial drug supplies. Our advanced software and expertise allow us to accurately forecast drug demand, integrate supply chain data, and streamline patient planning. With our solutions, you can achieve optimal inventory management, minimize stockouts, and improve overall study health.

Streamline Your Clinical Trial Supply Chain with Data-Driven Forecasting and Demand Planning

What You Can Expect

We help you gain clear visibility and control over your clinical trial supply chain to ensure timely and efficient delivery of medications.
Optimized Drug Distribution | SimpliCT

Optimized Drug Distribution

With accurate forecasts and demand planning, you can optimize drug distribution and allocation, reducing the risk of stockouts and ensuring the timely availability of medications at trial sites.
Improved Supply Chain Efficiency | SimpliCT

Improved Supply Chain Efficiency

By leveraging our data-driven approach, you can streamline your clinical trial supply chain, minimize waste, and improve overall operational efficiency.
Cost Savings | SimpliCT

Cost Savings

Our forecasting and demand planning solutions help you optimize inventory management, reduce overage, and avoid unnecessary expenses associated with excess inventory and rush shipments.

Our Comprehensive Forecasting and Demand Planning Solutions

Our Services

Scenario Planning

We allow Sponsors to plan multiple forecast versions of their active trials and adjust any parameter in the sandbox. Whether through a protocol amendment or change to a trial characteristic you can then merge your scenario into your live trial!

Demand Planning

SimpliCT's own in-house software will dynamically integrate supply, inventory and demand and provide immediate sponsor updates on drug coverage profiles per depot and medication type as well as overall reporting on study health

Patient Planning

SimpliCT’s own in-house software will convert patient data into drug demand data and offers smoothing options for under/over-enrollments. SimpliCT also allows for multiple forecast versions that the user can experiment with while keeping current trial data updated in real time.

Clinical Supplies Forecasting

SimpliCT's own in-house demand calculation software will determine time-phased demand based on enrollments and site seeding needs and show coverage profiles based on depots and medication types in a powerful integrated output. We're named for it!

We understand your trial characteristics

Protocol Characteristics For Forecasting Software
  • Number of Kits, Visit Gaps, Medication Types
  • Dose Titrations/Escalations
  • Treatment Ratio
  • Likelihood Of Treatments Per Arm (Randomization Scheme)
  • Total Number of Cycles Updateable for non-fixed Visit Schedules
  • Define Your Cohorts and Trial Arms

We understand your trial characteristics

Trial Characteristics – We will:
  • Manage Your Programs & Protocol Entries
  • Create An Unlimited Number of Forecast Versions For Scenario Planning
  • Manage Your Countries
  • Manage Your Enrollments & Planned Site Activations By Country
  • Manage Any Predicted Discontinuation Rates Across Multiple Cycles
  • Manage Your Depot Management Network For Each Country
  • Manage Which Medication Types will Pack & Source from each depot
  • Manage Site Seeding Quantities On a Per Country Basis
  • Manage Drug Overage on a Per Country Basis
  • Remove Country Demand For Any Medication Type Being Locally Sourced

Not Sure What Each Item Means? We Will Guide You Through These Study Characteristics!

We review your demand plan through data analysis and reporting

Supply Chain Design & Output:
  • Line-Item Level Patient Kit Demand & Site Seeding Kit Demand Visibility
  • Demand Plan Launch Inventory Input By Med Type/Depot
  • Drug Calculator with Country & Depot Level Time-Phased Results
  • Fully Interactive Demand Plan Displaying Supply, Inventory, Actual Patient Demand
  • Prospective Patient Demand and Months of Coverage Updated with at least a monthly period frequency
  • Suggestive Demand Planning for Supplies Distribution Mass- Balanced Across Dependent Depots
  • Suggestive Inventory Management For Demand Discounting of Expiring Lots

Interpreting your protocol’s visit schedule

Visit Schedule – Single Patient Forecasting Algorithm
We ensure your visit schedule parameters are accounted for correctly:

  • Cohorts
  • Treatment Regimen
  • Treatment Ratio of Investigational or Non-Investigational Medications
  • Kits Per Treatment Regimen
  • % Likelihood of Treatment Assignments Per Arm
  • Dose Titrations or Escalations
  • Fixed or Median Visits
  • Visit Gaps Between Each Cycle

Actuals-based Forecasting

SimpliCT Will Manage Your External Enrollment, Site and Inventory Actuals
Whether IRT integrated or manually input SimpliCT can maintain your study health with both prospective & actuals-based forecasting

  • Assigning Probabilities of Dose Modification
  • Assigning Probabilities of Patient Discontinuation
  • Extend Visit Schedules of Actual Patients Based on Non-Fixed Oncology Factors
  • Direct Drug Only Where It is Needed In Centrally Randomized Trials
  • Significantly Reduce Drug Procurement (Compared To Prospective-Only Model)
  • Track Actual Patient & Site Accruals
  • Import Patient Visit Summary & Site Activation Data From Any IRT Clinical System

Specialized features managed by SimpliCT

SimpliCT will look ahead for lot expiry management, label group limitations, Import License renewals and more:
  • Using demand & forecasting software SimpliCT can manage how much drug is required by study, country or depot and across any specified time range
  • Determining The Remaining Demand For Your Study
  • Evaluating Study-Wide, Country-Wide or Depot-Wide Demand By Time
  • Exclude Locally Sourced Drug Demand To Avoid Over-Buying
  • Independently Evaluate Drug Demand By Country or Multi-Country Depots
  • Exporting And Reviewing Results To Simplify Purchase Order Creation

Reporting clinical supply forecasting

Results Oriented Study Health Management
  • We will manage your Launch or Resupply Quantities, Inventory Adjustments and Ending Month Inventory and maintain audited study health with resulting Months of Coverage.
  • SimpliCT will track & merge your past (actuals) and future demand streams and provide a single integrated demand plan location for each of your studies
  • SimpliCT will manage drug demand within a 20% overage profile (typical clinical overage is 80%-100%)

Ready to Optimize Your Clinical Supply Chain?